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What sets Studio fitness apart?

What sets Studio fitness apart?

Think of a typical leisure club chain: large empty spaces with different weights, machines, and equipment spread around for members to help themselves. In contrast, our studio environment is much more intimate – we aren't just selling access to a facility or equipment. Our experience offers niche workouts and classes that are focused on... you.

Fitness isn't only running on a treadmill or awkwardly lingering around the weight rack waiting for a stranger to finish so that you can use their weights. Instead, Studio fitness is an encounter; it is training in a small group with everyone in the community feeling accomplished after. Unlike the traditional gym model, members are a part of something about more than exercise alone.


What are the benefits of these encounters?

Highly Trained Instructors

As an intimate Studio, we go above and beyond to find the best instructors in their genre that also provide additional training specific to your needs. Therefore, our members have a positive and beneficial experience when training at our Studio.

Camaraderie and Community

At our Studio, we place a high premium on developing camaraderie among class attendees and creating a true community amongst our members. Together, we are stronger.

Focused Training

Suppose you're in love with one form of training. In that case, whether it's dance, HIIT, or yoga, you'll be more likely to find your tribe and further deepen your love of the practice by committing to a speciality studio. 


Lastly, our Studio is social, fun, and ultimately, it's a lifestyle.