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Our Purpose: Change begins from within

Being Balanced, Is Being You

Our name Re-flection (pronounced ‘reflection’) is a wellness and mental well-being business, built upon the four dimensions of renewal;

  • Mind
  • Body
  • Heart
  • Soul

These four dimensions sustain humans. Each requires continuous renewal to remain in balance. To neglect one will negatively impact the other three. In the same way, to nourish each, all four will flourish. 

Re-flection comes from the metaphor that chance begins from within; Furthermore, private victory starts with the 'reflection' of oneself. And that you must show flection, not just in physical movement - but from a current state of mind to become the best vision of yourself possible.

We think win-win when it comes to our members mental and physical health, which is a frame of mind that helps us seek mutual benefit in all human interactions. This is the paradigm that there is plenty for everybody - that one person's success is not achieved at the expense of others.

Our purpose is to use our creativity and positivity to better the lives of those around us and inspire others through a quiet and inner strength - beginning with this end in mind; a wellness centre where the members and staff are equal in their drive for renewal in a life of contribution and fulfilment.

To achieve this vision, Re-flection will build a unique environment, furnished with a boutique exercise studio and wellness treatment room. We are delivering a personable and tailored experience in the wellness segment of the health sector. We are focused on providing a balance across each members' four dimensions of renewal.


Gem Newman (Director of Fitness) & Lyn Ridyard (Head of Wellness)