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Our Vision: Being Balanced, Is Being You

Being Balanced, Is Being You
Our name Re-flection (pronounced ‘reflection’) is a fitness, wellness, and mental wellbeing business. Built upon the four dimensions of renewal.

Mind, Body, Heart, and Soul.

Our vision to Re-Nourish your ‘Mind’:

Mind - Focus rooms, Aromatherapy, Treatments, and the Environment of the Wellness Centre.

Our vision to nourish your ‘Body’ and 'Heart' is through Re-flection:

Heart – Our culture and environment, the products we chose to use, and the reward of positive equal behaviours.

Body – Fitness classes and wellness rooms, with consultation rooms also. Yoga, Barre, Tai chi, HIIT, Personal Training, Treatments, Therapies, and Supplements.

Our vision for nourishing your ‘Soul’ is through Re-Connect:

Soul - We will build a community of our members, Coffee Mornings, Workshops, Events, Socials, and a Sense of Identity. Everyone is equal, and there is no hierarchy. Members are inducted into our culture.