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Dear Members and Friends of Re-flection Wellness,

"Welcome back, we missed you at the studio".

We will open the studio in line with Government guidelines and advice, the centre is two separate units; which means the guidance may be slightly different in each space. We have had a lot of time to reflect upon our first few weeks of opening - and learned a lot of lessons to make your experience even better.

Information regarding Treatments, TherapiesRetail, and Consultations will be released by Lyn Ridyard (Head of Wellness). In the meantime, lots of our products and treatments have been loaded into the Online Shop - available for collection and delivery.

Classes, Coaching, Workshops, and Courses.

As before, all Re-flection fitness instructors are assessed for their level of skill, their relevant qualification, experience, and insurance. Online content is assessed by a qualified person, to ensure it is suitable and safe before publishing. If you consume any services outside of Re-flection Wellness, please enquire that all of these standards are met before proceeding.


  • We are introducing the concept of 'Small Group' Classes, which will consist of initially seven [7] participants*.
  • When we are able, we will reintroduce our 'Group' Classes, which will consist of twelve [12] or more participants*.
  • Increased variety of class - we know that everyone's needs are different, that is why we are offering more than 11 class types (including your old favourites).
  • Special classes, such as aerial yoga and reformer Pilates, often start as courses - but when we have enough cohorts, these will become Small Group Classes on the schedule. Don't worry, if you miss the course - you can catch up with Private Coaching.

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Workshops and Courses

  • We have a backlog of planned workshops to provide balance to your Well-being. And, we will introduce these to the schedule when we believe the environment is suitable to do so.
  • We are going to normalise the pricing of workshops and courses per-session, so that they are more accessible.
  • Previous courses that were interrupted by the lock-down, will be restarted*.

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Private Coaching

  • 'Private Coaching' provides a one-to-one experience between a Client and fitness instructor.
  • Private Coaches will cover a variety of disciplines, available to book online and via our application.
  • If you are lacking in confidence, anxious about group classes, or working towards a specific goal - this is the experience for you!

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Memberships (Changed for COVID19)

Memberships will be made available when it is possible to do so.

  • We have simplified or Memberships to three tiers; the 'Tree', the 'Eagle', and the 'Dolphin' - based on how many classes you are likely to attend a week, 3, 5, and 7 respectively.
  • We have continued the 'Warrior' Membership, which offers the attendance of the 'Tree' at a discounted price. Exclusively for;
    • Students over 16 years old.
    • Seniors over 65 years old.
    • And, Re-flection Corporate Partners. (contact us for information).
  • Our Memberships are now split into individual Subscription/Plans;
    • The 'Small Group Subscription' offers access to 'Small Group' and 'Group' classes*. Granting you access to the whole class schedule, including special classes.
    • The 'Group Subscription' offers access to 'Group' classes. 'Group' only subscriptions offer a further reduction in price, making our Group classes even more affordable.
    • Membership 'Plans' offer a discounted pay-up-front alternative. 
  • We have removed the weekly expiry on class 'Credits' for subscriptions, we now treat credits as a 'monthly allowance' not a 'weekly allowance'. If you cannot attend your quota in a week, those credits will still be on your Membership until they expire.
  • We have added a bookable parking space, for members who have to travel far to get to us.

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    Please share this information with your friends and family, and most importantly - stay safe.

    I look forward to seeing you soon!

    Gem Newman (Director of Fitness)

    [email protected]


    *Health, Safety, and Hygiene

    • We will adjust Class sizes and the environment in line with the current Government advice.
    • As before, we have a strict cleaning regime to maintain your safety in the studio.
    • Group classes (with a larger capacity) will not be introduced onto the schedule until it is safe to do so.
    • Workshops and Courses will be restarted if it is safe to do so.

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